Tom Link & Luke Hagedorn


Workbench presents a collection of unique interior design pieces, all of which are designed and hand-crafted by Tomasz Linke and Łukasz Hagedorn

We are friends bound by feeling of aestheticism. Natuarally curious and eager to discover new things. We love the magic of creation, not only the process of creating but also the fun it proivides.

Project which began as a hobby quickly became something much more. It doesn’t matter if it is about creating something new or looking for things with a past – for us life is never boring!

We observed old furniture, discoverd how they are built and made it into a lesson about designing items that we would want to be part of our homes. Over the years we have been in touch with the most skilled craftsmans in Greater Poland.

Using traditional methods and tools we work tirelessly to bring back the times when quality was not a bonus but a norm. Each piece takes days or weeks to preapre therefore we take great care in choosing the best quality wood to make it. We find great pleasure in creating high quality furniture and other accessories.

We love paying attention to small details, we want you to enjoy them as much as we did when we were making it. In the pieces designed by us you you can find elegance in the simplicity, beauty of the raw materias together with uniqueness with a seal of timlessness.

All our products are handmade. However, we are open to using new teachnologies together with traditional ways of craftsmanship.

This is the way we think, design and create!






We are presenting one of a kind pieces. All thanks to unique pieces of wood and discoveries, things recovered from old homes, factories and other abandoned places. All those small imperfections and visible mellowness gives them character and particular look.

We are happy to be able to give the item new breath of life and find them a new home. From now on you you are responsible for continuation of their story. ONE OF A KIND






We accept special requests from clients for custom designs. We are able to fuklfill the most challanging and uncual assignments. In addition to working with the wood we use materials such as concrete, steel, brass or copper.

We are happy to work with architecs and interior designer in the early stages of project planning. Have a look at our individual projects and write to us. CUSTOM






Don’t cry over spilt milk! Your friends can spill wine on your table, children can throw food all over the counter! This is life! No worries, our products are food safe, easy to fix and last long years.

Each table and some of the other products come with a vial with additional oil for impregnation and instruction how to make them stay beautiful. Our products will age naturally and beautifully together with you.





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Welcome inside the process of creation.